Saturday, July 14, 2007

asset management software

Welcome to ImageFolio ImageFolio is a platform independent, server-based, digital photo gallery, digital video gallery, digital asset management, digital document management, and e-commerce software product suite, currently installed on thousands of websites or intranets, including many Fortune 500 companies, most major universities and government organizations.ImageFolio fully automates the process of viewing, publishing, maintaining, and marketing your web-based photo gallery, video gallery, stock photography store, art store, centralized digital asset management portal, product image procurement center, vendor graphic procurement center, digital media storage, or e-commerce store. ImageFolio helps organizations by providing a secure repository that facilitates the creation, management, organization, distribution and monetization of digital assets.There are three ImageFolio products currently available; ImageFolio Commerce, ImageFolio Pro and ImageFolio Lite. To determine which one will suit your needs best, read below.